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Three Ways to Keep Your Salon Etiquette in Tip-Top Shape This Summer

Whether you've booked a salon visit to get prepared for an upcoming wedding or are looking for a new look for the summer months, it's always in good style to exhibit proper etiquette. Following the unwritten rules of salon etiquette is about more than just making sure you're on time for your appointment. By knowing some of the basic ins and outs of visiting a salon, you can ensure that you're acting like a model client. Here are three tips to keep in mind when you visit the salon this summer.

Delays Can Happen

Even if you make sure you're on time for your appointment, it's possible that the person ahead of you wasn't punctual and, as a result, your stylist is running a little behind. Don't feel the need to do anything when you find yourself still seated in the waiting area when your appointment is supposed to begin -- lingering around the stylist's chair is only going to make everyone stressed. The best thing you can do is be ready when you're called so that you don't cause further delays.

The Value of Honesty

It's always best to be completely honest about how you feel about the service you receive. In fact, you owe it to your stylist to provide honest feedback. When a hairstylist holds up a hand mirror behind your head and asks if you're happy with how your haircut looks, don't just say everything is fine if you were hoping your hair would be a little shorter. Part of developing a comfortable relationship with your stylist is sharing how you feel about the care you're receiving. The stylist won't be hurt that you're looking for something slightly different, even if you change your mind partway through the appointment. A commitment to sharing your opinion can ensure that you and the stylist both leave the appointment feeling good.

Tipping Is Important

Tipping to show your appreciation for the level of service you receive is part of proper salon etiquette. Tipping around 20 percent is appropriate at salons, so take the time before your appointment -- especially if you're visiting a new salon -- to confirm the price of your treatment by checking online or making a quick call. It's a sign of poor etiquette to not know how much the treatment costs and then not be carrying enough cash with you. Telling the salon employee that you're a little short but will tip more next time isn't the best approach. Visit the hair salon with the right amount of cash so you can tip at the end of the appointment.