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Stop Battling The Stubble: Laser Hair Removal Facts

Men and women who tire of shaving on a daily basis should consider laser hair removal. Many spas and salons offer this service and it is an effective way to save time and money on this boring, time-consuming--yet necessary-- grooming routine. Knowing the facts about laser hair removal will help consumers make the right decision on whether to continue shaving, tweezing, using depilatories, waxing or to invest in this time saving service.

  1. This type of hair removal involves the technician or doctor using a beam of light. The light is absorbed into the pigment and the hair is destroyed.
  2. The laser reaches several hairs simultaneously. The section it covers is approximately the size of a quarter. Small areas such as the eyebrows or upper lips can be treated in about 60 seconds, but larger areas like your back or legs can take about an hour.
  3. Hair loss from laser removal is most often permanent, but this may require several sessions before the hair is eliminated.
    • Sessions are typically scheduled about a month apart.
  4. It is important to let the hair grow out so that the laser can fully destroy the hair root. Waxing and plucking both remove the hair root, but often this is temporary. This is why laser removal is preferable to many consumers.
  5. Complications can occur after laser hair removal.
    • Avoid sun exposure, because after the laser treatment your skin will look and feel as if you have a sunburn. Further sun exposure can minimize the permanency of the laser removal.
    • Redness or irritation of the area is generally temporary.
    • The skin around the treated area may change in color. Whether the change is lighter or darker skin, this is usually temporary.
    • Serious complications occur rarely, but may include scarring, excessive hair growth or a change in the skin's texture.
  6. The cost of a laser removal is a bit expensive but since it is most often permanent, the results are worth the investment. The number of sessions necessary depends on:
    • The amount of hair you want removed and the time involved.
    • The coarseness of the hair and how many treatments are necessary.
    • Whether a dermatologist or a technician does the treatment.
    • What area of the country you live in.

Go to a salon or spa with an excellent reputation to ensure that you obtain the most effective laser hair removal. Ask your friends for recommendations or read the salon or spas reviews before investing your time and money in the service. This helps ensure you get quality results.