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Can Teens Benefit from Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Your teenage daughter is complaining about having too much hair on her arms or upper lip. You know there are options out there for permanent hair removal, but you aren't sure if she's too young. Is it all right to start electrolysis hair removal on teens?

Benefits of Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis permanently removes hair in places like the arms, underarms, legs, and face. The procedure involves inserting a very thin, needle-like probe into the hair follicle, destroying the hair root with a tiny application of electricity. The US Federal Drug Administration views electrolysis as the only permanent method of hair removal, and there are no recommendations on a minimum age to begin. As long as the teen is willing to have the procedure done, and has unwanted hair to remove, it should be fine to start.

For teens, there are two main benefits to permanent hair removal:

  1. Removing hair such as that between eyebrows or on the upper lip can help a teen feel more attractive and increase self-esteem at a critical time during their social and emotional development.
  2. Teens, who tend to have more sensitive skin than adults, will not have to rely on shaving, waxing, or chemical depilatories. These methods need to be done or applied frequently and they can have side effects

Will It Hurt?

Often, teens want to know what level of discomfort they should expect. That depends a lot on the individual; some people have shallower hair follicles or higher pain tolerances. While electrolysis can be uncomfortable, it's rarely painful.

Teens may benefit from having a topical pain reliever or numbing gel applied to the skin before the procedure begins. It can also be a good idea to spread the treatments into even more sessions than an adult might require to minimize their time spent in the chair at one time.

Finding a Practitioner

You want to take steps to find a electrologist who specializes in working with teens. For one, sometimes it takes longer to perform the procedure on kids, whose tolerance for the needle-like sensation of the electrolysis may be less than an adult's. A teen-friendly electrologist will take the time to explain each step of the procedure and make sure that the patient is still all right with moving forward.

Many states require that an electrolysis practitioner holds a license that attests to his or her training and expertise. The requirements for licensure vary by state and may include a certain number of hours of training and the ability to pass an exam. Some states require electrologists to have continuing education in new techniques. 

The national organization, the American Electrology Association, also endorses trained practitioners by providing a Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) designation. 

Check to make sure that the practitioner you're considering, one like Electrolysis & Therapeutic Skin Care By Tracy, has a current license for your state or CPE certification.