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Hair Loss And Diet: What You Need To Know

So, you've started the latest fad diet that promises that you'll lose weight and feel great! What's more is that this new diet of yours promises that you'll lose this weight quickly. While this is all well and good, according the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), losing only 1 to 2 pounds per week is best for successful weight loss if you want to successfully keep it off. However, it is not just keeping the weight off that makes a sensible diet better than others. Your hair can also suffer if you don't eat sensibly, but follow fad diets instead.

Everyone Experiences Hair Loss

Your hair functions in a continual cycle of rest and growth. Normal hair is in the growth stage most of the time, with a brief period of rest. During the rest stage, hair loss occurs to get rid of dead hair. Hair loss can reach up to one hundred strands of hair lost each day during the rest period.

It's important for you to know the lifecycle of your hair because many people become worried when their thick hair, becomes noticeably thinner. The truth is that we're all supposed to lose a certain amount of hair. However, when the body isn't functioning normally, due to a nutritional disturbance, this healthy hair loss can increase to an alarming right.

Dramatic Diet Changes Cause Hair Loss

The diets that will most often cause hair loss are ones that eliminate a certain group of foods entirely. Human bodies need a steady and balanced nutritional intake to function normally, so by radically eliminating an entire food group, this balance is thrown off.

To combat this problem, consider a diet that focuses on smaller portions. If you are eliminating certain foods, consult a nutritionist or physician on how you can supplement the needed nutrients you will be missing.

Your Hair Will Grow Back

If you're noticing out-of-the-ordinary hair loss, do not worry. While the hair is in this fragile state due to a lack of nutrition from an extreme diet, avoid vigorous brushing and treat the hair with gentle products. Once your body gets the nutrients it needs and is able to trigger the hair growth cycle again, your hair will grow back. Hair loss caused by dietary changes is not permanent.

Now that you know that will you lose weight with extreme fad diets, but you'll likely lose more hair as well, it's best to examine whether the diet you're considering is really the route you want to take. If you still want to lose weight by going the extreme route, consult with your local hair salon to get their take on the best hair care products to keep your hair in good shape as you can during this time.