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4 Flattering Haircuts For Mature Women With Long Hair

If you love your long hair, it is important to know that you can ignore the constant advice to cut it short after you turn 45 or 50. Unfortunately, some women feel forced to wear their hair short because their individual strands of hair have become thinner in recent years or because the hair itself has become more sparse. Therefore, it is a good idea to learn about different haircuts that will make thin hair look fuller and that are flattering to mature women.

#1-Long Layers In Back, Short Layers In Front

It is easy for long hair to become weighed down due to its weight. In addition, when your hair is primarily one length, it can be challenging to get curls,waves and other styling choices to stay in place. By choosing long layers, you can keep the length of your hair and you will also find that it looks fuller.

Short layers that frame your face often call attention away from any lines that may be making their presence known on your  face and neck. At the same time, they typically are flattering on fuller faces.

#2-Long, Blunt Bob With An Undercut

Another option that is usually flattering on mature women is a long, blunt bob. Whether your long hair is to your shoulders, hips or even longer, this style is a popular choice because it provides a variety of options for styling. The use of an undercut works because it provides extra volume and prevents your hair from dragging down or looking lackluster.

#3-Fake It Until You Make It

Another idea that is not just for the younger crowds is the use of extensions. If your hair grows slowly or you have noticed that it seems to quit growing at a certain length, extensions can add both length and volume. It will also be helpful to note that strategically placed extensions can be placed throughout your natural hair, if want to add highlights, lowlights or a few pops of color.    

#4-Consider Bangs

If your hair is thinning in the front, bangs can often help to hide it. Side swept bangs, on either the left or right, are flattering to aging skin in many instances. However, if you are using bangs to hide thinning hair in the front, you may want to consider traditional bangs that stop at your eyebrow.

Another option is to grow layered bangs cut in that same style, then separate them in the middle of your forehead. That can minimize any extra weight you may have in your face and subtly hides the signs of hair loss. Just remember to not start the side sweep at the spot where your hair loss is more obvious. 

In conclusion, there is no need for you to wear your hair short, just because you have celebrated many birthdays. The above haircuts will allow you to keep the length that you love, while compensating for imperfections or issues with your hair that you are self-conscious about. For more ideas, visit a salon like Nu Waves Salon & Day Spa.