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Four Natural Products Spas And Salons Use In Their Facials And How You Can Replicate The Products

Do you love the facial experience at a spa or salon? Do you love the smell of the ingredients they use or the way the facial treatment feels when it is on your face? Would you also love to recreate this favorite service at home? You can, if you really want to. There are at least four natural products used in facials by spas and salons that you can replicate at home.


As long as you are not allergic to bees or this sweet, tasty substance they produce, honey is great in homemade facials. It is a natural humectant, which means it adds moisture to the skin, something that anyone with dry or combination skin can appreciate. If the sensation of something this sticky on your face is not so appealing, you can add a little water, Greek yogurt or apple cider vinegar to thin it.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can help calm, soothe and soften skin. Try crushing some rosemary or mint into some extra virgin olive oil if you need to alleviate rosacea redness or mild sunburn. Tea tree oil can help eliminate fungus and bacteria, so if you have large pores that tend to get clogged or your sweat tends to be very smelly, a light facial with tea tree oil can help with these issues. Eucalyptus oil can reduce puffiness that is the natural result of water retention or nighttime congestion.


Oatmeal, depending on how you use it, can accomplish a couple of different things for your skin. You can either use it rough, uncooked and suspended in yogurt, honey or sour cream as an exfoliating facial or you can cook it into a pulverized paste and use it as a moisturizing facial. Either way the oatmeal will restore balance, softness and a more uniform color to your face. (For an all-over body "facial," you can add oatmeal to a milk bath comprised of whole milk. Sit and soak for a half hour or for the same amount of time your favorite spa or salon usually has you soak.)

Greek Yogurt

Besides feeling cool and comfortable on your skin, the antioxidants, calcium and vitamin D in Greek yogurt can be absorbed directly into your face. This will help fight some of the free radicals and city pollution your face may be exposed to, while also providing the essential nutrients your skin needs to stay healthy. Be sure to use non-flavored plain Greek yogurt, or mix it with another natural ingredient from this list to create your own customized facial treatment.