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Has Your Wife's Arthritis Made It Impossible To Style Her Hair? 3 Tips To Help Her Achieve Her Signature Look

Your spouse has always taken pride in her appearance, but you've noticed that things just haven't been the same lately. Unfortunately, your wife's arthritis has begun to give her more trouble, and the pain and stiffness often interferes with her normal activities. While you may be able to help your wife wash her hair, it may just not be possible to style her hair to her satisfaction. Now that you've decided to surprise her with hair blow drying services, you can use these tips to help her get that signature style that you both love.

Bring a Favorite Photo

If your wife has not been able to style her hair for several days or longer, then it is likely that it is quite different from her preferred look. For this reason, you can encourage your wife to bring a favorite picture of her hair styled exactly how she likes it when she goes to her hair blow drying appointment. This way, the stylist can see your wife's hair exactly how she typically styled it before the arthritis became severe.

Be Honest With the Stylist

While a picture will help your wife's stylist have a good idea of where to begin, it takes strong communication to achieve perfection. Let your wife know that it is okay to be honest with the stylist if something does not look right. For example, your wife may prefer her hair to curl up or out in a certain direction that might not be obvious in the original photograph. Although it may feel as though she's critiquing the stylist, politely explaining her preferences is the best way to get that gorgeous blow out.

Ask How to Preserve the Style

Depending upon your wife's lifestyle and hair type, she probably won't need hair blow drying services every day. For this reason, your wife needs to talk to the stylist about how to keep her hair in top condition between appointments. For instance, you may be able to wear a head wrap around the style to protect it as she sleeps. Alternatively, your wife's stylist may be able to show you how to brush it out without removing the volume.

Looks may not be everything, but your wife's confidence soars when she looks in the mirror and likes what she see. Now that you know how to help her get through her first hair blow drying appointment, you can look forward to watching her get excited about looking like herself again. For more information, contact a company like Detour Salon & Detour The Store.