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Tips To Ensure Your Swim Spa Is Safe

For people with small yards who still want some way to swim and relax, a hot tub swim spa offers multiple options for a less expensive price. These spas use the space you have more efficiently, combining a relaxing hot tub with a small pool that constantly streams water in one direction, giving you the equivalent of a swim lane. The compact size makes the spas very easy to use, but you still need to be aware of how to keep yourself and others safe when using the spa.

You Still Have to Cover It

Swim spas may be smaller than regular pools, but they're still deep enough to create a danger to unsupervised children. Whenever the pool is not in use, you need to cover it. And even if there are no kids around — say, you have the spa in an adult retirement community and no kids are visiting that day — animals can fall in, too. No one wants that to happen, so cover the pool to ensure that everyone who goes near it will remain safe and the spa will remain fun to use.

Always Use the Steps, and Never Sit on the Edge

Some swim spas are shells that you set into decks so that the top of the spa is flush with the deck's surface. However, others are known as portable swim spas and sit on top of whatever ground surface you have. And these spas have tall walls. It's not unusual for someone to be tempted to sit on the top of the wall with feet dangling into the water, but that is not something you ever want to do on the portable spas. The risk of losing your balance and tumbling back is always present, no matter how careful you are. Make it an absolute rule that no one is to sit on the edge of the spa, and no one is to attempt to jump off the side.

The Spa Needs to Be on a Level Surface

Whether you've set the spa on a deck, patio, or bare ground, that ground has to be level. Not only does that allow the streaming function to work properly, but it also allows you to fill the pool and swim without splashing a ton of water out of the spa.

What this means is that you have to level bare ground — you can't plop the spa down on rocky earth, for example — and you may have to resurface concrete if you're putting the spa on a patio that is old and cracked. However, before you worry about costs and timing, have a spa company representative from a company like Marquis Spas take a look at the spot where you want to place the spa. He or she will be able to give you a better idea of what you'll need to do to prepare the site for the spa.