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Soak And Swim In Tandem

Lounging in a hot tub to soak your sore muscles or practicing your swimming techniques to let off some steam may be what you envison when you think about enjoying a personal spa and exercise session. Did you know that you can intertwine these two activities? if you purchase a hot tub swim spa, you will be provided with the ultimate in comfort, plus will have ample room to sit down while enjoying a beverage or to practice some targeted exercises.

Purchasing Separate Units May Not Be Feasible

You may wish that you could have a spa and an above ground or in-ground pool installed on your property, but maybe you do not have enough room for both of these additions. Thee cost of these water features could be astronomical, depending upon the features that you decide to add to either one.

With a swim spa, you are instantly reducing the amount of space that is needed to acquire a pool-like structure and a full-sized spa, and you will be paying a flat fee for the delivery and setup of the swim spa. A basic model may contain vinyl, wood, or metal siding. Since the structure will be slightly elevated, a set of steps should be installed along one end of the feature.

The strong current that is a result of the jets will provide resistance, allowing to essentially swim in place. Practice your breast or backstroke as often as you prefer. Because the hot tub feature will be located along one end of the unit, you may want to work out for a while and then finish up your spa session by soaking in the hot water, while seated in front of the pulsating jets that are behind your seat.

Covering The Swim Spa Will Keep The Water Clean

A swim spa requires that an appropriate level of chlorine is added to the water. When you have the water feature installed, the person who is completing the setup process will aid in preparing the swim spa for you.

If you have trees and bushy foliage on your property, you may deal with occasions in which debris falls into the water. Use a pool skimmer to remove leaves and twigs. If you would like to cut back on the amount of cleaning that is required, have a canopy sail, a cloth awning, or a gazebo installed on your property. Each of these items will also block sunlight and add a little bit of privacy to your soaking and swimming sessions.