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Four Essential Steps To Preparing Your Face For Waxing

Waxing can be an effective alternative to regular shaving and depilatory creams, but you'll want to make sure your skin is ready for this type of treatment. Here are some essential steps to consider before you head to the salon to have unwanted facial hair removed.

Use An Exfoliating Scrub

Exfoliating your skin a few days before your waxing appointment can help free your pores from dirt, makeup, oil, and impurities. This can help prevent irritation after the waxing is completed, and it also provides additional skincare benefits as well. Exfoliating can help brighten your skin, leaving it less dull. Avoid using an exfoliating scrub the day of your waxing appointment, as you may find your skin to be more sensitive after using the scrubbing formula. Waxing with sensitive skin may lead to irritation or discomfort.

Cleanse Your Skin

Clean, fresh skin is best for waxing. By effectively removing dirt and oil right before your appointment, you can help make the waxing process go more smoothly. Heavy oil and dirt can interfere with the wax formula and make the treatment potentially less effective at removing unwanted hairs. Use a gentle cleanser the morning of your appointment, providing enough time for any potential irritation to subside before you head to the salon.

Avoid Skincare Products and Cosmetics

Depending on the skincare products you use, they may make your skin more prone to irritation. Adding waxing on top of this can make the process more uncomfortable than it needs to be. Layers of foundations and powders can make it more difficult for the wax to penetrate down to your facial hairs' roots. Remember that there's no need to get dressed up for this appointment. Clean skin without any products can help yield the best results, and you'll be able to use your favorite cosmetics and skincare products after your waxing is complete.

Talk To A Dermatologist

If you've never had your skin waxed before, it's a good idea to consult with your dermatologist before booking an appointment at your local beauty salon. They can discuss with you any complications that may arise given the skin conditions you might have. For example, if you have eczema, your doctor may advise against waxing in certain situations. Ask your dermatologist which hair removal options are safe for your skin, as there are many other options your spa or salon may be able to offer you instead of waxing.