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6 Best Haircuts For Curly Hair

When you have curly hair, there are many decisions to be made. The length of your haircut, the texture of your curls, the volume—what to do when it's too humid? You have so many options. This article explores some popular hairstyles that will look good on any curly head.

Shoulder Cut

If you have fuller curls, a shoulder cut will enable them to frame your face nicely. It's a great idea to keep it simple with no bangs or fringe. Properly clip each curl so that it doesn't rub against the one below it. Use high-quality pomade or mousse to lock in moisture and keep your curls defined, as this is essential for mastering this style.

Layered Curls

Curls, coils, waves, and ringlets may all be defined using layers. Curls that are layered have more movement and bounce. Remember to hydrate your curls using the finest curl-defining products, as this is a critical component of styling and obtaining the perfect look.

Long Curls With Fringe

This hairstyle features a flair of lengthy curls that accentuate your cheeks and give you the freedom to play with your hair. Every three months, give your hair a trim to keep it appearing fresh and maintained.

Medium Cut With Highlights

Choose a medium cut if you don't want to sacrifice volume. You are adding life to your hair by highlighting the spirals that lay over your shoulder. Use a volumizing spray or backcomb it to prevent your hair from appearing flat. To prevent the curls from becoming frizzy and collapsing on one other, mist them with a detangling and humidity protecting spray.

Side Part With Short Curls

With a side part, you can flaunt your short curls. It somewhat opens up the face and emphasizes the eyes while enhancing and defining the other facial features. Use a moisturizing serum to maintain your curls and keep them bouncy and silky.

Basic Center Part 

Cuts with a center part are excellent for framing the face and emphasizing the cheekbones. While this style works for short, medium, or long hair, proper styling pulls it together. Complete this style with a few spritzes of sea salt spray for a beachy look.

Curly hair may be tricky to maintain, but with the proper hairdo, you can feel confident even on your worst hair day. Consider how much attention you want to devote to your curly hair when deciding which style is ideal for you.

Long loose curls might work well if you want a low-maintenance look. Shorter cuts are excellent for people who wish to achieve more voluminous and bouncy curls. To learn more, contact a company like R & R Salon.