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No Lasers! Consider These Natural Hair Removal Options

Some women do choose to have laser hair removal performed on their bikini region. But if this intimidates you, that is completely understandable. The idea of having lasers used in such a sensitive area can certainly make some people cringe, and laser hair removal does cause some soreness, which you may not want in this region. So, what are your options for more natural, yet long-lasting Brazilian hair removal? Here are a few top ones.


Waxing is perhaps the best-known and most widely used method for natural hair removal. It gets a bad reputation for being painful. Indeed, waxing can be uncomfortable, especially when performed in the bikini region. However, there are a lot of steps practitioners can take to minimize your discomfort. They can apply a numbing, soothing agent before they begin to wax. They can also wax smaller areas at once. 

Waxing has the advantage of being safe for those with sensitive skin, since it uses natural, inert waxes. The results can last several months, and since many salons offer it, you can have your pick of practitioners. When you have follow-up appointments, you will have fewer hairs to remove, so those visits will be shorter than your first one. 


Sugaring works similarly to waxing. Your practitioner will spread a thick, sugary solution onto your skin, apply a cloth to the top of it, and then remove the cloth. The sugar mixture and your hair will come with it. Sugaring is often said to be less painful than waxing since the sugar clings more firmly to the hair and can pull it out in the direction it grows. However, sugaring does not always work as well with really thick hair, so some people are left with hairs that need to be individually plucked.

Sugaring is fairly natural, and the results can last several months. It can be time-consuming, however, since your practitioner can only treat a small area at a time. It's fairly easy to find a salon that offers sugaring. Focus on places that offer a lot of "clean" and organic treatments.

If you want a clean, hairless bikini area but are not interested in laser hair removal, consider waxing or sugaring. Waxing has a long track record, but sugaring has been around for a while, too. Talk to a salon care professional in your area to learn more about each natural pubic hair removal.