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Do You Have A Triangle Of Sadness On Your Face?

The area that's often called the "triangle of sadness" refers to the arrangement of wrinkles that can appear between a person's eyes — between each eyebrow, extending beneath the radix of the nose and down to the peak of the dorsum, also called the nose's bridge. Is your own triangle of sadness making you too sad?

Responsive to Treatment

Fortunately, these prominent lines (known as glabellar lines) on your face are highly responsive to treatment. A triangle must have three points, and with a facial triangle of sadness, these three points are your frontalis muscle, your procerus muscle, and your corrugator supercilii muscle. To minimize the effect of your triangle of sadness, you need to immobilize these muscles. 

Muscle Contractions

Cosmetic botox (a modified form of botulinum toxin) can be extremely effective for glabellar lines. The contraction of muscles beneath the skin can greatly emphasize and even cause wrinkles. This is what has occurred between your eyebrows, and these lines have a tendency to look particularly deep. There's no clinical significance to glabellar lines, and their presence is strictly cosmetic — as is their treatment.

Softening and Disappearance

Botox administered to the site should effectively immobilize the muscle group responsible for your triangle of sadness. Because glabellar lines can be so conspicuous, their softening and disappearance can be transformative. Glabellar line treatment is quite strategic, with a relatively small target area that leaves the surrounding skin unaffected. Despite this small target area, the results are striking. It's not a case of not recognizing yourself in the mirror, but the before and after comparison can be amazing.

Aftercare and Reapplication

Any amazing comparisons will have to wait — briefly. It will take anywhere from three to seven days for your botox to reach its maximum possible efficiency. You must be quite careful with your triangle region during this period. For example, it's unwise to massage the bridge of your nose. The product must be absorbed at the injection site, and shouldn't be permitted to shift much, even accidentally. And those results will slowly dissipate over the coming months to the point that reapplication is needed. But you're unlikely to need much encouragement. 

A first-time botox user might be surprised at the speed and simplicity of the procedure. All it takes is a periodic injection between your eyebrows, and your triangle of sadness will become more like the Bermuda triangle — because your wrinkles will just vanish.

To learn more, contact a Botox treatment provider in your area.