Soak And Swim In Tandem

Lounging in a hot tub to soak your sore muscles or practicing your swimming techniques to let off some steam may be what you envison when you think about enjoying a personal spa and exercise session. Did you know that you can intertwine these two activities? if you purchase a hot tub swim spa, you will be provided with the ultimate in comfort, plus will have ample room to sit down while enjoying a beverage or to practice some targeted exercises.

4 Med Spa Exfoliating Treatments You Can Try

Home exfoliation is important for the day-to-day maintenance of your skin. However, the type of exfoliation you can do at home won't be able to fix deeper imperfections. A trip to the med spa can give you access to treatments that can reduce your wrinkles, lighten hyperpigmentation, and even fade acne scars. Here are four exfoliating treatments that can give you excellent results: 1. Salt Scrub Facial A salt scrub facial is the least invasive of all the procedures on this list.