5 Face Treatments For Soft And Glowing Skin

Facial skin is sensitive, and if not properly treated, you'll struggle with common face problems such as eczema, acne, sunburn, and hives. Spa face treatments come in handy if you want the most effective facial skincare. Facial treatments clear clogged pores, hydrate and nourish your face, improve blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. All these boost your skin and give you that radiant look you desire. Here are some facial treatments you should try to rejuvenate your skin. [Read More]

Hair Extensions: Why Consider Them?

Hair extensions are just as they sound: extensions of hair placed into your natural hairline. Hair extensions can be made of human hair or synthetic hair and can be clipped, woven, or glued into the hair depending on how you want them put in. You can buy hair extensions in a variety of colors, lengths, and textures, and you can use hair extensions in a variety of ways. All your hair needs can be met by your salon supplier or hairstylist. [Read More]

Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular choice for men and women who want to have silky smooth skin. If you want to get rid of hair on different parts of your body, you may have determined that you want to get laser hair removal. The good news is that many different med spas and clinics offer laser hair removal. If you are ready for laser hair removal, this is what you need to know. [Read More]

Answering Common Questions From Prospective Smart Lipo Patients

If you have unwanted pockets of fat somewhere on your body, then perhaps you are considering or have been advised to consider Smart Lipo. This is a modern version of liposuction that uses a tiny, pen-like device to remove fat from beneath the skin. It's a lot less invasive than traditional liposuction, and most patients recover well with few to no complications. Still, patients understandably tend to have a few questions as they consider whether or not to pursue this procedure. [Read More]