6 Best Haircuts For Curly Hair

When you have curly hair, there are many decisions to be made. The length of your haircut, the texture of your curls, the volume—what to do when it's too humid? You have so many options. This article explores some popular hairstyles that will look good on any curly head. Shoulder Cut If you have fuller curls, a shoulder cut will enable them to frame your face nicely. It's a great idea to keep it simple with no bangs or fringe. [Read More]

Three Good Reasons To Try Eyelash Extensions

When you're thinking about the different services that you may wish to check out at your local salon, eyelash extensions can be an option that catches your attention. When you see before-and-after pictures of people who have received eyelash extensions, you'll often be highly impressed with the difference they can make in how someone looks. Don't be afraid to call your local salon to learn more about the process of getting eyelash extensions. [Read More]

5 Face Treatments For Soft And Glowing Skin

Facial skin is sensitive, and if not properly treated, you'll struggle with common face problems such as eczema, acne, sunburn, and hives. Spa face treatments come in handy if you want the most effective facial skincare. Facial treatments clear clogged pores, hydrate and nourish your face, improve blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. All these boost your skin and give you that radiant look you desire. Here are some facial treatments you should try to rejuvenate your skin. [Read More]

Hair Extensions: Why Consider Them?

Hair extensions are just as they sound: extensions of hair placed into your natural hairline. Hair extensions can be made of human hair or synthetic hair and can be clipped, woven, or glued into the hair depending on how you want them put in. You can buy hair extensions in a variety of colors, lengths, and textures, and you can use hair extensions in a variety of ways. All your hair needs can be met by your salon supplier or hairstylist. [Read More]